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A country far away - traditional and modern Japan

Exchange between Englisch GK 2/MSS 12 and two Japanese representatives - by J. Neufeld — 20.04.2021

On March 25th, 2021, our English class had the chance to have video conference with the vice consul Mariko Yano and Carolin Weidmann from the Japanese consulate general in Frankfurt. We had the opportunity to learn a lot about Japan and its culture. We also talked about digitalization and modern technologies in Japan. This meeting was possible due to a project by the Japanese consulate general in Frankfurt called “Japan im Klassenzimmer”. We are the first class to take part in this program online. Vice consul Mariko Yano studied political science for two years and has been working in the foreign ministry since 2017.

Mrs. Yano started by giving us information about the Japanese lifestyle. She told us about their traditional and modern houses, about their traditional food, the climate in Japan and the special characteristics of the four seasons. Moreover, Mrs. Yano gave us an insight into the school system in Japan and we learned, that everyday school life in Japan is different in many areas compared to Germany.
Then, Carolin Weidmann went on by answering our questions about digitization and modern technologies in Japan. We learned that modern technologies are deeply rooted in Japan’s everyday life. The Japanese are not only interested in digitalization, but it is also the only way to overcome challenges like the shortage of workers and possible natural disasters. Furthermore, Ms. Weidmann explained the Pros and Cons of modern technologies and told us about how the pandemic is being handled in Japan in terms of students and homeschooling. We also learned about the huge Anime and Gaming industry in Japan. Since being a German who lived in Japan for some time, Ms. Weidmann was able to tell us some examples of differences between Germany and Japan.
All in all, it became clear that Japan is a country that manages to combine tradition and modern technologies very well.
We are thankful for the chance to learn about other countries and their cultures by meeting representatives. It broadens our horizons and gives us the opportunity to look at things from different perspectives. It helps to let go of prejudices and to be more open towards other countries and cultures.
Finally, we want to thank Ms. Yano and Ms. Weidmann from the Japanese consulate general for joining us in the video conference and giving us a great insight into the far away country Japan and its traditional and modern sides of culture. We are looking forward to many more cultural exchanges.