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81 letters to Sweden

Cultural exchange with the high school “NTI Gymnasiet” in Sweden via letters — 02.12.2020

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the “Englisch Grundkurs 2 (MSS 12)” had a cultural exchange with the high school “NTI Gymnasiet” in Sweden via letters

The lockdown following the Coronavirus outbreak left all of us with a lot of free time and rather few social contacts. Thus, this was the perfect time to start a very interesting email project with students from “NTI Gymnasiet”, a high school in Stockholm, Sweden. Although travelling had become difficult, we had an opportunity to use English in real-life situations.
Each of us 27 students sent three emails about topics such as introducing ourselves, the school system in Germany, and Christmas and other holiday traditions. In addition, we asked our pen pals questions intending to learn something about the Swedish culture. The Swedish students were really nice and told us a lot about themselves, the Swedish school system and the Swedish culture and traditions. The project lasted from August to December 2020.
Our project was a great experience to learn a lot about life in another European country—even without being able to travel there.

Katrin Woesner