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A country far away - traditional and modern Japan

20.04.2021 — Exchange between Englisch GK 2/MSS 12 and two Japanese representatives - by J. Neufeld

On March 25th, 2021, our English class had the chance to have video conference with the vice consul Mariko Yano and Carolin Weidmann from the Japanese consulate general in Frankfurt. We had the opportunity to learn a lot about Japan and its culture. We also talked about digitalization and modern technologies in Japan. This meeting was possible due to a project by the Japanese consulate general in Frankfurt called “Japan im Klassenzimmer”. We are the first class to take part in this program online. Vice consul Mariko Yano studied political science for two years and has been working in the for… weiterlesen

Christmas stories

14.12.2020 — Arbeitsbeispiele aus dem Englischunterricht der Oberstufe

Christmas Crackers A Christmas Story by Anna Weller "Dammit Ryan, do you even have an idea how to put on a fucking fire?" I peaked over his shoulder as Ryan was working, his girlfriend was screaming from across the room. From where I was looking, Ryan was doing a rather good job, but I wasn´t really in a place to judge, since he taught me how to start a fire in the first place. His girlfriend, however, couldn´t do it at all. "I´m doing the best I can", Ryan said searched through his pockets. "Hey buddy, you seen my lighter?" He looked up at me and I pointed at th… weiterlesen

81 letters to Sweden

02.12.2020 — Cultural exchange with the high school “NTI Gymnasiet” in Sweden via letters

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the “Englisch Grundkurs 2 (MSS 12)” had a cultural exchange with the high school “NTI Gymnasiet” in Sweden via letters The lockdown following the Coronavirus outbreak left all of us with a lot of free time and rather few social contacts. Thus, this was the perfect time to start a very interesting email project with students from “NTI Gymnasiet”, a high school in Stockholm, Sweden. Although travelling had become difficult, we had an opportunity to use English in real-life situations. Each of us 27 students sent three emails about topics such as introducing ourselves, … weiterlesen